Grant Family Farms

Package Design, Labels, and Product Displays 

Grant family farms

Package Design, Labels, and Product Displays  

When Andy Grant, owner of Grant Family Farms, approached me in 2009 he simply wanted help meeting all the design requirements of the FDA for his farm's new egg, poultry and meat packaging. Beyond meeting the strict size, dimension, and layout requirements I suggested we also create a beautiful, eye catching, unique package as well. I also wanted to incorporate key ideas around the way they raised their animals so I helped create taglines like, "Honestly Happy Hens" and "Better Birdies".

Throughout the process I worked with many other individuals to help make sure these labels were the best design for everyone involved. I worked closely with a government representatives to ensure each piece of the label was in its proper location and at regulation size. I also met with the farm staff who applied the labels to incorporate their perspective, for example easy to circle icons for each bird type on a single poultry label helped speed up their packaging process and reduce the amount of overall labels they needed to store. 

In the end we had a great example of the balance between function and beauty.  You can still find these labels in use today on the shelves of grocery stores and markets across Northern Colorado. 


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