Interweave Crochet Magazine

Magazine Layout & Design, Creative Direction, & Marketing

Interweave Crochet

Magazine Layout & Design, Creative Direction, & Marketing

In 2011 I joined the fiber arts team at Interweave Crochet as lead designer for the Crochet division. My role was to help communicate the editorial team's new modern approach to the craft, a general look & feel which would attract a younger audience, and an all together more fashion forward publication. I introduced a new photographer, stylists, and seasonal color palettes. I reworked the typography, colors and layout of the magazine all while maintaining a connection to the established brand of the magazine and the larger parent company. Most importantly I was able to create a system of design, layout and process which is still in use today. These ideas expanded outside of the publication itself into other products and advertisements as well.  

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Photography for this project by Harper Point Photography.